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Elements of Art Blog Post!


Now that we have spent some time exploring the basic elements of art, it's time to create your own catalog of examples.  That way, you ALWAYS have a little reference guide on your own blog!

  • Visit --> explore
  • Make a new blog post titled “Elements of Art”
  • Give each element its own heading. (Example: “Shapes”)
  • Under each heading, give a definition for the element of art
  • Under each definition, place at least two pieces of art that you feel represent the element of art
  • If the element has different types (shape, for example), find pieces that fit each type
  • For each piece, use the artist’s name, the piece’s name, the medium, and the year it was made
  • Give a reason for each piece WHY you think it works best for the element of art chosen


  • Blog post must be called "Elements of Art"
  • Each element of art must be represented with two example pieces of art
  • Each piece of art must be accompanied by it's title, the artist, the medium, the year produced and a short description of why you chose it

Example post


A shape is some area set apart from other areas by one of the other elements of art.  A shape can be made by connecting two lines.  It could also be made by using value, texture, etc.  


Artist: Gabriel Orozco
Tite: Kytes Tree
Medium: Painting
Year: 2005

"Kytes Tree" clearly uses shape as one of its main components.  It uses mostly geometric shapes that appear to be overlapping, mostly at 90-degree angles.  The piece is mostly made of circles or half circles and the negative and positve space created by them overlapping.  The shapes on the edges are bigger giving an effect that the shapes are moving toward the viewer, or like the middle is the center of a tube or vortex.


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